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  • Miele Washing Machine Clamping Ring - MLE9041110

Miele Washing Machine Clamping Ring

Part No: MLE9041110

Miele Washing Machine Clamping Ring

Original Miele clamping ring for porthole seal.


Miele Washing Machine- W2584, W3574, W3844, W3240, W3732, W5740, W504, W3122, W2573, W3204, W3371, W3242, W508, W555, W556, PW5062, W5847, W5825, W5859, W5840, W5841, W5886, W5887, W5888, W5889, W5928, W5929, W5967, W5968, W5988, WDA151, W3164, W3370, W3375, W5872, W5873, W5876, W5877, W5893, W5895, WT2790, W2123, W3826, W5831, W5983, WDA150, W2205, W3243, W3823, W5828, W5829, W3822, W3241, W3248, W2242, W5846, W5858, W3902, W3903, W526, W5902, W5903, W5904, W5905, W2515, W3724, W502, W2585, W3575, W3845, W3261, W3365, W2465, W3123, W3465, W3281, W3385, W3743, W565, W5781, W3120, PW5064, W2440, W3440, W3830, W2622, W3622, W3922, W522, W5836, W5837, W5985, W528, W524, W562, W3121, PW5055, PW5061, PW5065, PW5065OS, PW5068, PW5070, PW6055, PW6055PLUS, PW6065, PW6065PLUS, PW6065OS, PW6068PLUS, PW9055, PW9065, WDA215, WDA216, W3360.

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Miele Washing Machine Clamping Ring - MLE9041110

  • Brands Miele
  • Product Code: MLE9041110
  • Availability: 1000
  • £18.99

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