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  • Miele Plastic Bent End, Black - MLE9442601

Miele Plastic Bent End, Black

Part No: MLE9442601

Miele Plastic Bent End, Black

Genuine replacement bent end hose for Miele vacuum cleaner Made of high quality material Comes with a hard wearing anthracite finish Tubular handle fits perfectly onto the end of the hose Long operation life.


Miele Vacuum Cleaner- S2110, S2120, S2130, S2180, S360, S370, S380, S4000, S4210, S4260, S4280, S4510, S4580, S4780, S500, S501, S510, S5210, S5220, S5260, S5280, S5310, S5360, S5380, S5410, S5480, S5510, S5520, S5560, S5580, S560, S570, S5760, S5780, S5980, S600, S6210, S6220, S6230, S6240, S6250, S6260, S6270, S6290, S6310, S6320, S6330, S6340, S6350, S6360, S6390, S700, S710, S710-1, S760, S770, S830, S8310, S8320, S8330, S8340, S8360, S8370, S8380, S8390, S8510, S8520, S8530, S8590, SBAD0, SBAG0, SBAJ0, SBAN0, SBBN0, SBCD0, SBCN0, SCAB0, SCAC0, SCAE0, SCAG0, SCAJ0, SCBC0, SCCG0, SDAB0, SDAC0, SDAE0, SDAG0, SDAJ0, SDAN0, SDAO0, SDBB0, SDBE0, SDBO0, SDCB0, SDCE0, SDCG0, SDCJ0, SDCN0, SDCO0, SEAB0, SEAC0, SEAG0, SEAJ0, SEBC0, SGJE0

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Miele Plastic Bent End, Black - MLE9442601

  • Brands Miele
  • Product Code: MLE9442601
  • Availability: Pre-Order (Delivered 2-8 Weeks)
  • £43.99

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