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  • Miele Vacuum Cleaner Radial Brush - MLE5098710

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Radial Brush

Part No: MLE5098710

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Radial Brush

Replacement filter cage will enable you to go without the expensive charcoal SF-AA50 or active HEPA SF-HA50 filter and use the filter pads that come free with the bags.


Miele Vacuum Cleaner- S242, S246i, S247i, S248i, S249i, S250i, S251g, S251i, S252i, S254i, S255i, S256i, S290, S291, S300i, S301i, S310i, S311i, S312i, S313i, S315i, S316i, S318i, S321i, S322i, S323i, S324i, S326i, S328i, S334i, S336i, S338i, S342i, S344i, S346i, S347i, S348i, S356i, S370i, S371, S372, S373, S374, S378, S380, S381, S382, S384, S388, S400, S401i, S402i, S404i, S408i, S410i, S411i, S412i, S414i, S420i, S4210, S4211, S421i, S422i, S424i, S426i, S428i, S434i, S436i, S438i, S442i, S445i, S446i, S447i, S448i, S4510i, S4511i, S4560i, S4561i, S4580i, S4581i, S4780i, S4781i, S500, S501, S510, S511, S512, S513, S514, S515, S516, S517, S518, S5210, S5220, S524, S526, S5260, S528, S5280, S5310, S534, S536, S5360, S538, S5380, S5410, S544, S548, S5480, S5510, S5520, S5560, S558, S5580, S570, S571, S5710, S572, S5760, S578, S5789, S5980, S624, S626, S634, S636, S638, S644, S646, S648, S710, S711, S712, S714, S715, S716, S717, S718, S724, S726, S728, S734, S736, S738, S744, S745, S748, S749, S758, S760, S812, S826, S828, S834, S836.

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Miele Vacuum Cleaner Radial Brush - MLE5098710

  • Brands Miele
  • Product Code: MLE5098710
  • Availability: 1000
  • £28.99

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