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  • Miele Tubular Vacuum Bent End Handle, MLE3565460

Miele Tubular Vacuum Bent End Handle

Original Miele Part No: MLE3565460

GENUINE Miele Tubular Vacuum Bent End Handle

Miele Tubular Vacuum Bent End Handle. Part No: 3565460. Also known as Part No: 5269091. This replacement tubular handle fits perfectly onto the end of the hose for you to hold whilst vacuuming. The replacement Bent End Handle comes in a hard-wearing anthracite finish.


Miele Vacuum Cleaner- Miele S142, S227I, S234I, S125, S143, S228, S236I, S126, S144, S228I, S237I, S128, S145, S229, S240I, S129, S146, S229I, S242, S130, S147, S230I, S246I, S135, S148, S231, S247I, S138, S157, S231I, S248I, S140, S217, S232I, S249I, S141, S227, S233, S250I, S251I, S274I, S311-1l, S323I, S252I, S275I, S311I, S324I, S254I, S276I, S312I, S326I, S255I, S280I, S313I, S328I, S256I, S282I, S314, I, S334I, S269I, S290, S315I, S336I, S270I, S291, S316I, S338I, S271, S300, S318I, S342I, S271I, S300I, S321I, S344I, S272I, S310I, S322I, S346I, S347I, S408I, S422I, S442I, S348I, S410I, S424I, S444I, S400, S411I, S426I, S445I, S400I, S412I, S428I, S446I, S401I, S414I, S434I, S447I, S402I, S420I, S436I, S448I, S404I, S421I, S438I

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Miele Tubular Vacuum Bent End Handle, MLE3565460

  • Brands Miele
  • Product Code: MLE3565460
  • Availability: Pre-Order (Delivered 2-8 Weeks)
  • £53.99

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